Couple snaps wedding photo at Women's March on Chicago

(INSIDE EDITION)--A Chicago photographer snapped some impromptu photos of a husband and wife to-be in the middle of the Women's March on Chicago on Saturday.

Marko and Allison Milincic were trying to reach their limo on the way to their wedding ceremony when they were delayed by street closures due the march, which thousands attended.

They ended up walking through some of the crowds in order to make their way.

"We were afraid of missing our ceremony. We started walking to the limo and in the midst of it every one on the street was so congratulatory and gracious," Allison told

The couple, who've been together almost four years, started planning their wedding more than a year ago and weren't expecting a stop at the march as part of the program, but they're glad it happened.

"We walked through the marching area and people surrounded us and started chanting 'love trumps hate,'" Allison said. "It was amazing."

The couple's wedding photographer, Jai Girard, knew the moment was special.

"Our photographer was like, 'this is perfect. Give him a kiss'," Allison said.

Thankfully the pair arrived at their wedding on time.

"We had to kind of high tail it. It was wonderful how they allowed us to go through and even in the midst of the midst we were able to take some great photos," Marko said.

And the day turned out to be everything the couple wanted.

"The whole day could've kind of gone sideways, but everything was perfect," Allison.