COVID-19 vaccine news boosts spirits in hard-hit Gloucester City

The promising vaccine news has New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and residents alike talking about it. But, the question remains - will people take the vaccine?

Gloucester City sits in the glide path of aircraft touching down at Philadelphia International Airport, across the river.

It’s a small community of over 11,000 residents, with a healthy fear of the virus.

“This time around, I’m more scared than the other time. It’s just so rapid. It’s hitting everybody,” stated Dory Montague.

Montague designs flower arrangements at a local shop where she says business is slowly picking up.

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Locals say the coronavirus has hit hard, so news of a third vaccine showing promise to combat COVID-19 is welcome.

“You’ll take it. You don’t want to be first?” asked FOX 29’s Jeff Cole.

“Oh yes, I’m definitely taking it, but I don’t want to be one of the first and I won’t be, due to health care workers,” Montague replied.


New Jersey is reporting 11 new COVID-19 deaths for a startling total of nearly 15,000.

Governor Murphy confirmed Monday 130,000 doses of vaccine are expected in the state by the third week of December, with more than three times that by January.

He’s urged the Trump administration, by letter, to start the transition with the Biden team to make sure distribution of the vaccine is smooth.

“This will be an enormous undertaking and any break or disruption in the supple chain will be paid for in lives. Make no mistake about that,” Governor Murphy said.

Front line health workers will be the first to receive the “two jab” vaccines, says New Jersey’s health commissioner.

In Gloucester City, a 21-year-old new mother of a boy says she’s willing to let the vulnerable go first.

“I won’t go out. I won’t be around people. I’ll do what the government tells us to do, but I don’t see a need for the vaccine for me,” commented Kassidy Clinton.

A train rumbles through Gloucester City as workers hoist holiday lights on the main drag. Times are hard, here, say residents. Vaccines offer hope.

“If I can be part of it to test the vaccine, I would do that for the community because it’s not about me and my life, but everyone’s life,” explained Gurbreet Batella.



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