Crews work to make repairs on massive sinkhole in Berks County

Wyomissing, Pa. (WTXF) Crews in Berks County continue to make repairs Wednesday night on a massive sinkhole after a water main break caused a portion of the road to collapse.

"It's huge it's big" said Wyomissing resident Dawn Stief. She is among the dozen homes and businesses on Abington Drive where water service has been cut.

Industrial work lights were being brought in to help workers through the night repair the sinkhole estimated at 10 feet deep and 70 feet wide.

"When I came out I saw the street opening up. It started out as a smaller hole and then it was opening up wider," said resident Rick Viera.

American Water Company tells Fox 29 that an 8-inch underground water main broke just before 11am Wednesday morning. Within a couple hours it has swallowed the street and quadrupled in size.
Water service has been cut and may not be restored until Thursday.

I"m thinking it's a scary thing because somebody could have been driving over it. And how far is it going to open and it could effect the houses and everything else" added Viera

Workers with American Water Company were seen delivering bottled water to effected residents. But even if water service is restored those customers are still being told to boil their drinking water until further notice.

"It's the problem of not being able to run water, take showers, flush the toilet. My dogs thank god for the bottled water they gave us," said Stief.

Crews worked through he day to find the source of the break. Workers tell Fox 29 geologists are being brought in over night to survey the extent of the damage.

Meanwhile. residents are stuck without water at least for the night.

"I have bottled water already and I have some in the truck on my car. An you just deal. And if I have to we will go to a hotel for the night," said another resident.

Abington Drive will remain open to residents but closed to local traffic at least for a few more days.