Custom-made rhino disappears from Bucks County car wash

A custom-made $3,500 inflatable red rhinoceros disappeared from the Red Rhino Car Wash in Bristol, Pa. Now, the owners want the rhino they call Elvis back. 

The Red Rhino mojo, the spirit Brent and Blake McCurdy have soaked their 'Red Rhino' car washes with. It’s embodied by the big cranky inflatable red rhino out front or it was until somebody boosted it a couple of nights back.

"We know it was stolen. Parts and pieces of it were in this bay over here.  They are taking some of the weights and things out of it because we get some high winds here on Route 13," the owner said.

Father and son co-owners, the McCurdys are taking it in stride. They’ve replaced the stolen rhino with another one, but it's a $3,500 item vital to the wash. Customers are confused by the theft.

No word right now from Bristol Township police onto any leads they might have. Brent and Blake tell FOX 29's Hank Flynn if you have the red rhino and want to bring it back, feel free with no questions asked.  They will even give you a free car wash. 

Pictured in the replacement rhino.


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