Dad Delivers Baby on Side of the Road

PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. - (WAGA) A couple planned on having their baby boy at a hospital, but he wasn't in on the plan. Little Memphis was in such a hurry to meet the world, he made his grand entrance on the side of the road. He was delivered on Dallas Highway in Cobb County early Sunday morning.

He was named after the southern city where his father's idol, Elvis reigned, but the rock-n-roll star in this family is Jonathon Houze after he delivered Memphis on the side of the road.

"My husband, he was my hero that night," said mother Krista Houze. "He was both our hero because we're home safe and sound now."

Houze told FOX 5's George Franco he delivered the baby with the help of a Cobb County police officer, who held his wife's hand and a flashlight. He admits speeding to try to get his wife to Kennestone Hospital for the delivery and was thankful when the officer pulled him over.

"I'm thankful for him pulling me over because had he not I would have had to deliver the baby then called who ever I needed to call, but since he did it worked out for the better."

Memphis' birth certificate says he was delivered by his father on Dallas Highway.

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