DC man's dance on 'Wendy Williams Show' goes viral (VIDEO)

A viral video of a man's killer performance on the 'Wendy Williams Show' had crowds roaring and voguing!

FOX 5's morning producer, Justin Stewart, is making his rounds on the internet after tearing up the floor on the Wendy Williams Show!

Stewart loves to dance and he especially loves Madonna. So when the show's DJ started playing "Vogue" during commercial break Stewart could not stop himself from serving some moves!

Check out his performance-- you may want to dance after watching:

Stewart was fire! Wendy couldn't keep her eyes off him and the crowds went wild-- as did the rest of the internet!

The Shade Room featured Stewart's video, which has over 1 million views and counting!

And leave it to Wendy to remix the video to the show's theme song-- which was featured on Instagram too!

Remixed or original, we can't get enough of both. And things for sure, Justin Stewart has it going on!