Delaware gun shop heist: Flatbed truck used to slam into store found by police; owner speaks out

The investigation into a gun store burglary continues as federal ATF agents join New Castle police to find the lone thief who stole guns from the store.

Miller's Gun Center on West Jackson Avenue became the target of a local heist when several firearms were stolen early Monday morning.

A witness told 911 that a flatbed truck slammed into the front door of the store while officers were en route to the scene.

They arrived to find the store had been broken into, several firearms had been taken, and the truck was gone.

On Tuesday morning, police say they found the truck behind a business on the 500 block of North Dupont Highway.


FOX 29 was on the scene as police surrounded the area, which is directly across from the gun shop.

Robert Miller is the owner of the 65-year-old family gun business focused mostly on selling rifles for trap and skeet shooting. Miller’s does sell handguns and that’s what the suspect was after when he used a stolen flatbed to break in.

"We really felt we had a great security system. That highway was our protection the volume of traffic on that highway," said the owner.

Miller said his security cameras captured the lone thief, his face and head covered, in the shop for all of 90 seconds grabbing handguns from a front case. He wouldn’t say how many were taken. 

The flatbed used to repeatedly hammer the gun center was recovered by police near a dry cleaner across the street. 

Louis Nievas has lived nearby for nearly 13 years. He told FOX 29’s Jeff Cole, "if they are doing that, they’re likely trying to resell them.  It’s scary because there are other gun shops in the area, they’re probably going to be on high alert."

New Castle County Police say they’re working with the federal Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Agency (ATF) to find those responsible and track the weapons possibly destined for the underground flow of guns often used in crimes of violence. 

Owner Robert Miller said, "that’s a high concern we’re working with county police and the ATF, hopefully with a joint effort—all working together—we’ll solve this."

The family-owned business has since put up a temporary door where the truck backed into the store.

This is an ongoing investigation.