Distributor bans t-shirt artist's design because of "racist ideologies"

PARK HILL, CO -- An artist from Denver is now the subject of controversy and it's all because of a t-shirt design. It's so controversial that an internet company has banned it for its image.

Eddie Egloff, owner of "Have An Opinion Art", created a t-shirt bearing the image of a Confederate flag and the colors associated with the Rainbow Coalition.

"Basically what I did is I took the flag weathered it a little bit changed the colors and they put it on a tee shirt to give the consumer an idea of what they're going to buy," he said.

He decided to use the service Tee Spring to sell the shirts. He already had the go ahead from the company and orders were coming in.

"3 people have purchased the shirt and then the following morning it was suspended," he said.

According to Tee Spring, they were removing Egloff's design because of content that showed "racist ideologies."

"By just changing the colors of the confederate flag I was able to change what that flag has stood for decades and decades and by moving the colors from the gay pride flag I was able to celebrate something that had been decades and decades in the making and apparently it ruffled a couple of feathers," Egloff said.

"I realize why they may have been nervous the confederate flag is a hot topic but as far as racist I never meant that at all."