District Attorney Larry Krasner addresses "terrible spike" in gun violence, urges short-term solutions

District Attorney Larry Krasner and other city officials addressed the ongoing gun violence that has been happening in the city of Brotherly Love. 

During the address, DA Krasner began by listing off some of the homicides that occurred over the weekend that ticked the city's official homicide count up to 404

"We do not have a spike in crime, crime is actually down," District Attorney Larry Krasner explained. However, he did say that we are seeing a "terrible spike" in gun violence in the past two years. 

He then went onto say that they are working to solve this problem, but that long term solutions require education, trauma care, and adequate housing. 

"We did not get here overnight," DA Krasner said, explaining that gun violence in Philadelphia has been chronically high for decades. 


"We have to stop the bloodshed in our streets," he said, urging the need for short term solutions. 

He made it clear that part of those short term solutions included convicting those who partook in violent crimes especially gun violence. 

During the press conference, he stressed the importance of heavy investment in more prevention. 

So far this year, the District Attorney's Office has taken $1 million of forfeiture money and distributed $704,000 to community organizations that can make a difference. 

"There will be consequences if you decide to shoot someone," District Attorney Krasner declared. He stressed that every individual will be held accountable through pre-trial, trial, and sentencing. 

During questions, he explained that the DA's Office is seeking more grants to help with improvement in forensics and is in the process of getting more funding. 



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