Dr. Jill Biden and Anne Holton campaign for Clinton-Kaine ticket in Center City

"Let's have a landslide election!"

Rallying an intimate crowd of Philadelphia female voters - Anne Holton -the wife of vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine alongside Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden pushed the Clinton-Kaine ticket at a campaign event held at the Community College of Philadelphia.

"I have a hope that we all do everything to get out the vote for Hillary and Tim and Katie McGinty."

The proud pair reinforced the candidates' message - discussing paid family leave, increased minimum wage and women's rights.

Women's issues, a top concern for Amanda Rosen of Center City and she feels the stakes are high in this election.

"I really think this election is going to change how America is one way or another."

For that reason - Rosen also attended Hillary Clinton's rally at University of Pennsylvania Saturday night - Rosen wants to better understand the issues.

"Hearing what their positions are - especially Hillary - we haven't been able to hear that during the debates because it's been like high school, back and forth."

It's Carlene Pasteur's first campaign event.

"I do believe everyone should have access to higher education."

The 2016 election is piquing many people's political interests - Democratic Party leaders are hoping the record 200 million Americans registered to vote - will hit the polls on November 8.

"This is a race that can have further surprises that everyday matters as it's coming down to this final stretch."