Dr. Farley recommends quarantining and testing after weekend protests and celebrations

A day after weekend protests and celebrations city officials want you to quarantine and get tested if you were there.

"We've had several hundred cases per day," said Philadelphia Health Commissioner Dr. Tom Farley.

Gatherings like the one 12th and Arch for several days drew hundreds of people, another at City Hall where demonstrators gathered then marched and at Independence Mall. 

"We're very concerned about whenever people are gathering together that one person may be infected and another person nearby may get infected," he said.

Dr. Farley says here's what we can do to prevent or reduce the spread of the coronavirus regarding those gatherings. 

"We recommend that if people were out gathering with many other people and close by that they stay away from people for 14 days because they may have gotten the infection and may be incubating it. And after seven days they get tested to make sure they don't have the infection." 

Many people at these events can be seen wearing masks and he says that's great. Social distancing was a challenge though. 

"However, the masks aren't perfect. If you were close to people especially if you were close to a lot of people you still definitely have some risk there," he said.

The major way the virus is spreading right now is indoors at social gatherings," according to Dr. Farley.  And now the holiday season is upon us.

On Tuesday, Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine said it's the same in every region and almost every county across the state. 

"We have now 47 counties on our sort of watch list in terms of increasing cases and 54 out of 67 counties had increasing number of cases over the last week," said Dr. Levine. 

Officials say the virus numbers will get worse in the fall and peak in the winter like others like the flu. 

It's expected to get better after the first of the year and when the vaccine is available but now is the time to double down on precautions which includes spending holidays only with people you live with. 


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