Eager shoppers happy as Cherry Hill Mall reopens

Ready, set, shop!

Malls in the Garden State were the place to be, many of them reopening with lines of customers seemingly very happy to spend money.

Eager shoppers cheering on staff assembled at the Cherry Hill Mall Foot Locker, urging them to come on and raise the gate and let them in.

Let the buying begin.

Mall-deprived shoppers fist-bumped thrilled-to-be-working-again employees. Lines were long and temperatures taken outside some stores.

“She got a pair of sneakers. Needed a smaller size. I didn’t know it was gonna be a crazy line like this,” stated shopper Shanell Lewison.

“It’s kinda weird, because we’ve been in the house for so long,” explained Nevaeh Inyang.

But, not without limits. New Jersey malls are opening at 50 percent capacity. Not every store is open, yet. Call the particular store before venturing out. And, customers will have to grab food and go, as there is no seating.

Rules are posted all over as well as sanitizer – there are welcoming stations where people can grab a mask or gloves and wipes. Mall management says a mask is a must to get in and stay in, unless a person has a medical condition or a child under two.

“Our security will walk around and if we see someone with a mask down, we will politely ask them to please put it back up,” explained Lisa Wolstromer, with the Cherry Hill Mall.

There were a few people dropping the mask while they shopped or worked in the corridors.

“What’d you get?” asked FOX 29’s Joyce Evans.

“I got a bunch of shorts, summer shorts, all ready to go,” Andrea Vito answered.

All items Vito says she had already ordered online and had to return. She’s not the only one happy to be able to see it, touch it, try it, buy it and feel safe doing it.

“Yeah, I see everyone wearing a mask right now. Social distancing. So, it’s been pretty good,” Vito added.

Many are saying they don’t expect re-closing and virus spikes here as in other part of the country that opened earlier.

“It’s a concern, but, you know, you kinda have to go with the flow,” stated Malik Powell.


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