Eagles fans thrilled with big win over Atlanta Falcons

How do Eagles fans describe the first playoff win on over 9 years?

"It's a little nerve wracking, really," said one young fan.

That, it was. A two-point lead in the 4th quarter kept the capacity crowd at Chickie's and Pete's in South Philly on their feet, glued to the big screens.

With everything on the line, anything meant something, like when a late game successful challenge to a Falcons catch brought cheers, while a late game Atlanta first down made jaws drop.

And, by the two-minute warning, it was up to the defense to save the game.

"We're gonna do it. I know gonna do it in the last two minutes. Chip, what do you think? Someone's gotta make a play, it's gonna happen," said fan Teresa Finegan.

And, that final minute drive by the Falcons to try to take the lead, well, for some, it was just too much to bear.

But, the Falcons failed to score.

"It's time to party! We won, we won! The best I've ever felt in my life!"

And, Nick Foles winning over many doubters.

"Awesome man, he came through like a trooper. He did exactly what he was supposed to do, and we won. We made it. They counted Philly out, but we're still in!" exclaimed one excited fan.

The Eagles are moving on and they are one more win away from a trip to Minneapolis and the Super Bowl.

"The team put it together. I can't wait till next week. I can't wait, baby, we're excited! Doesn't get any better than this!" exclaimed fan Mike Quintans.