Emaciated dog found by Philadelphia Police needs a home

An emaciated stray dog was found on the streets by Philadelphia Police last week, and ACCT Philly is looking for someone to give her the TLC she needs.

Samosa, a Pitbull mix, was brought to the shelter six days ago in horrible condition. The lonely pup was found at 38 th and Aspen Street, weighing only 36 pounds.

Samosa is 3-5 years old, and although she is still skin and bones, the shelter staff hopes her adorable personality will help find her a new home so can start looking healthy and happy again. "We were shocked and saddened to see a dog so emaciated," said ACCT Philly spokesperson Ame Dorminy. "But her sweet, loving personality is encouraging and we feel positive that she will make a full recovery and find a new home".

Samosa is fed her special feeding schedule of small frequent meals by shelter nurses only because of her current condition, but Samosa still needs a big dose of love and a new home.

The lovable pup needs to find a new home as soon as possible, and she is available to adopt, foster or rescue.

For more information on how to save Samosa please contact the Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT Philly) at lifesaving@acctphilly.org, or head to the shelter at 111 West Hunting Park Avenue in Philadelphia.