Extreme heat leaves Delaware County residents looking for ways to stay cool

Residents in Delaware County and across the Delaware Valley try to escape the recent heat in different ways Tuesday as the heat drones on into another day.

Joe Campbell says that for contractors like him, laying down blistering, hot blacktop in sweltering heat is nothing.

"This stuff is usually over 300 degrees. You could put water on it and the water would just start boiling. It hits your skin and some guys start dancing. It’s not for everybody," he said.

Sanitation workers also have no choice as their vocation has no air conditioning.

"I just dump bottles of water over my head. That’s all I do, or use somebody’s hose," said Sonny Slay, of B&L Disposal.

In Nether Providence Township, Creekside Swim Club life guards are trained to look out for heat emergencies.

"You never know, someone with heat stroke, or what could happen. And, not even just watching the pool, just like outside, even outside on the benches, someone in a chair can pass out right away," said Jada Hargadon, a lifeguard.

The recent hot weather may also be a reason memberships in local swim clubs have increased by more than 30 percent this year.

"I think last summer everybody was hunkered down because of COVID and now everybody wants to come back out and enjoy the outdoors and be around people again," said Laura Orsetti of Creekside Swim Club.



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