Family searching for answers from SEPTA after 67-year-old woman fatally struck by trolley in Philadelphia

A Delaware County family is in shock after their family matriarch was struck and killed by a SEPTA trolley on Friday morning. 

Darien Houser was 2,800 miles away in Washington state when he got the tragic news that his mother, 67-year-old Glendora Moody, was killed. 

Moody, who raised five kids and was known as "Peaches," was known for her love of family and her dedication to social work. 

"It's just hard losing your mother," he said. "Your only mother. Just the fact she's not coming back." 

Moody was hit by a SEPTA 102 Trolley near the corner of Woodlawn and Andrews Avenue in Collingdale around 5 a.m.

She was on her way to meet family members for breakfast but never made it. 

"That's all I had pretty much," Houser said. "My father, he's on death row. And it's just hard being without her now." 

Moody's family is trying to get in touch with SEPTA to find out exactly what happened to their mother. 

"I just want to know what is going on with the driver who killed my mother and also I want to know was he drug tested and I need to know was he speeding," Houser said. 

Police and SEPTA are still investigating. 

Moody was one of several fatalities over the last 24 hours involving SEPTA vehicles. 




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