Philadelphia organization provides kids free space to play in Feltonville

A Feltonville recreation center is making a positive impact on Philadelphia youth, holding a free event of exercise and coming together in safety.

"Today is basically providing a great outlet for the kids, with something to do. You know, some positive stuff to do, where we offer time. We have offer a commitment to the youth," Hassan Grimes, Sr. said.

It’s the time and commitment that could do a lot more than just provide a child a space to play for a couple of hours. It could change their life for the better.


"With the violence that is going on in the city, we need something like this where the kids can have something to do. We live in a different time. This youth, they’re different. Instagram, TikTok, they’re raising our children. We want to transition them back to us, so we can raise them and spend time with them," Grimes added.

Kids of all ages were welcome to come and play basketball and just be around other children, in a positive manner.

Silvina Godoy Grimes is the vice president of Little Buddies, the organization that puts the event together. Grimes says the kids need places to go safely and be themselves. "Talking, giving them activities to do. Let’s do something active, let’s go in the pool. Let’s go swimming. Let’s go for a run, let’s go to the playground. Just giving kids opportunities. It’s easy to stay home." Godoy Grimes said.