Filthy dead cat wasn't one, after all!

(INSIDE EDITION) - An animal lover on the island of Guernsey recently took the sad, limp body of a cat into an animal shelter to be identified.

Only it wasn't a cat. It wasn't even an animal.

According to this blog post from the Guernsey SPCA, it was actually a mud-covered dog puppet.

"The kind individual was asked to take a seat and for details while the GSPCA Manager checked in the receiving room what was thought to be a dead cat for any identification or microchip.

"As the box was opened and Steve got a closer look he realized it wasn't a cat but in fact a very muddy, wet, insect covered, cold, collapsed small dog with an injured nose.

"After a full check over the dog sadly had no identification and the member of public was informed that what was thought to be a dead cat was in fact a cuddly dog hand puppet," the post reads.

Guernsey is in the English Channel.

The folks at the GSPCA gave the puppet a good washing and posted a photo of it looking good as new.

"What started as a very sad conversation quickly turned to laughter and the GSPCA can now announce that the dog hand puppet is safe, well and washed despite his ordeal and nose injury," the post read.

The GSPCA also included a surprisingly extensive list of calls they've received about other animals in need that turned out to be inanimate objects. They include a sick seal on a beach that was in duvet, a possible dead dog on a beach was another duvet, and an injured crow was really a black bag.