Fletcher Cox holds retirement press conference: 'I gave this game all I can give'

Former Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox addressed the media Tuesday, nearly a month after he announced his retirement

"I gave this game all I can give," Cox said. "I've been part of the highs, I've been part of the lows in this league and I've enjoyed it all."

Cox, 33, finished third all-time in games played in Philadelphia Eagles franchise history, five games behind fellow retiree Jason Kelce.

Drafted 12th overall out of Mississippi State in the 2012 Draft, Cox went on to earn six Pro Bowl nods and was a First Team All-Pro four times. 

"The city of Philly is tough to play for, playing in Philly you gotta have thick skin, especially being drafted in the first round, so to the city of Philadelphia, I thank you a whole lot," Cox said.

Head Coach Nick Siriani was in attendance at Tuesday's retirement press conference at the team's NovaCare Complex in South Philadelphia. Cox also made sure his entire family that was with him on draft night was there too, as a full circle moment.

"After the season, I took some time to myself and realized that, you know, ‘hey Fletch, I think it’s time to go live life a little bit'," Cox said. "Things I'm looking forward to is going to see my nephew play football, going to see my nieces play any kind of sports they go in."