Former Air Force Academy Player Has Big Dreams of Playing in the NBA

(FOX NEWS) -- A former Air Force Academy player and cancer survivor has big hopes of playing basketball in the NBA.

U.S. Air Force Reserves Capt. Antoine Hood is the subject of an upcoming feature-length documentary called "Anatomy of an American Dream."

On "Fox and Friends Weekend" today, Hood explained that he passed on an opportunity to play in the NBA in 2006 because of his commitment to the Air Force.

"When you commit to one thing, you have to uphold that honor and the opportunity I was given to protect and serve the great people of this nation," he stated. "It was a challenge in itself, but when you raise your hand and take [an] oath, you have to stand by it."

Even though Hood is 32 years old, he still thinks that he has a chance.

"I believe that I can do this. I won at cancer, I won at the Air Force Academy, and I know I can win in the NBA," he said. "I'm doing this for people like Stuart Scott and Lauren Hill that had an opportunity to fulfill their dream but not always to completion."

"So for those out there who are on that road, I want to encourage them to inspire themselves like those people inspired me," he added.

Watch the "Fox and Friends Weekend" video clip above.