Former president of suspended Temple University fraternity charged with attempted rape

The former president of a suspended Temple University fraternity is now facing a number of charges including attempted rape.

Officials say Ari Goldstein, 21, is being held on $2 million bail after he was arrested in connection with an investigation into the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity.

It was Tuesday at Boston's Logan Airport and Ari Goldstein was waiting to board a flight to Israel. According to Ben Waxman, spokesperson for D.A. Larry Krasner, that's when Customs and Border Protection agents approached.

The 21-year-old Temple senior was arrested, handed over to Massachusetts State Police and investigators with the D.A drove to Boston to get him.

Goldstein's attorney tells FOX 29 that his client's trip to Israel was long planned. The police department and District Attorney's office knew he was going.

The investigation started a few weeks back after two teenage Temple University students said they were sexually assaulted at the fraternity house on Broad and Norris Streets back in February and March.

One 19-year-old student told police she attended a party at the frat in March and was given several drinks. She said she became dizzy, lost consciousness and woke up later in bed with a fraternity member. She said she felt she'd been sexually assaulted.

The investigation led to the fraternity's suspension, and Goldstein was removed as president.

The engineering student from the upscale community of Wrightstown, Bucks County, is charged with attempted rape, attempted involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and intimidation.

The D.A. pressed for a high bond and got it: $2 million.

"They think they are higher up. Think they're above other people but, in reality, they are the same as all of us. They think they can get away with stuff, but they cannot," said Temple student Micah Henry.

Following the charges, Johnathan Pierce, a spokesman for Alpha Epsilon Pi International Fraternity released the following statement:

"Alpha Epsilon Pi International has no additional information about the charges being brought. We have not been informed -- nor would we expect to be -- of any of the allegations made or the evidence found. We will continue, though, to cooperate with Temple University and all local authorities. The young man charged was not the chapter president at the time of his arrest. He had been removed as president several weeks ago and the chapter has been suspended by the International Fraternity for nearly a month. We are, obviously, deeply troubled by the charges leveled at this young man. We believe in due process but there is clearly no place for this behavior in our organization and, if proven true, I would expect the individual to be permanently expelled from our fraternity."

As this investigation is ongoing, Temple strongly encourages students with information or needing support regarding any concerns of sexual misconduct to contact Temple Police (215-204-1234,, the Dean of Students Office (215-204-7188, or the Wellness Resource Center (215-204-8436, Any member of the Temple community or the general public also can report anonymously online.