Foul smell caused by tractor-trailer gas leak at NJ truck stop has dissipated, officials say

Officials say a powerful odor that wafted over parts of southern New Jersey from a tractor-trailer gas leak has "significantly dissipated" and the dayslong event is contained. 

Authorities, including hazmat teams, responded to a truck stop on Route 295 in Gloucester County Wednesday afternoon for reports of a suspicious odor emanating from a tractor-trailer.

Officials said a TransChem USA trailer was hauling 7,000 gallons of Lubrizol, a chemical additive to natural gas that contains Mercaptain. Mercaptain, officials said, caused the "nuisance odor."

The foul smell traveled into surrounding counties and prompted officials to advise residents to stay inside while air quality tests were conducted. 

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Camden County said it fielded over 4,000 calls over the last 72 hours. 

Air quality tests conducted by local Haz-Mat teams and the Department of Environmental Protection and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency confirmed that there is no risk to the public. 

While the repugnant smell has weakened, officials say it could linger "for some time."