Frustration mounts in Montgomery County as residents continue to wait for COVID vaccine

Getting a coronavirus vaccine appointment has been frustrating, to say the least and, sometimes, downright infuriating.

Officials say they understand and they’re just as frustrated that they can’t help.

"It’s tricky, how do we navigate this minefield? Slowly, but surely with patience. It does concern me, yes," stated one resident.

Residents of Montgomery County have been asking their county officials where the COVID vaccine is and when will they finally get it.

"It has been frustrating and those 185,000 people that have been waiting in line now for a very long time are even more frustrated. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get some clear answers on what’s to come," Chair of Montgomery County Board of Commissioners Doctor Valerie Arkoosh said.

In a virtual town hall meeting, Dr. Arkoosh told nearly 200 residents that counties with smaller populations are receiving more doses.

"We never felt that we are getting enough vaccine for our 830,000 people," Dr. Arkoosh explained.

Over 127,000 Montgomery County residents have received either a first dose or both doses.

"I am enthusiastic of how many people are trying to get vaccinated," Dr. Arkoosh remarked.

With so many residents on the Zoom call using the chat function to ask questions, county officials could only say they hoped Thursday the state government would provide the answers residents are looking for.

"They have promised they would share additional data and give us more information on how they are making these vaccine allocation decisions," Dr. Arkoosh commented.



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