FWC: 10-year-old girl bitten by gator at Moss Park

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said a 10-year-old girl, from Orlando, was in shallow water Saturday afternoon at Lake Mary Jane inside Moss Park when she was bitten by an alligator. At the beach Saturday, Fox 35's David Williams saw signs that read, "Swim at your own risk." The FWC released a report that gives us a much clearer picture of the 10-year-old's terrifying ordeal. The little girl was enjoying a beautiful afternoon, sitting in the designated swim area in about 2 feet of water, when the 8-foot-9-inch gator chomped down on her left knee. A lifeguard was on duty watching just feet away. Bryan Robinson, a beach-goer, said, "We never think about gators coming up and bothering anyone." The report said the gator sliced the 10-year-old girl's knee and left teeth marks on her thigh and the back of her knee. "Prayers go out to her and her family," Robinson said. "Hopefully she recovers well." The FWC report said someone pried the gator's mouth open to free her leg. Four people in her group were near her on shore. Lifeguards treated her and took her to the hospital. Dwight Colon, a beach-goer, told FOX 35's David Williams, "I already called my wife. I let her know because we have young children." Colon and Robinson know the beach well. They've come for years with metal detectors, always watching for gators. "This is their habitat," Colon said. "I've seen quite a bit over here." Now, they are even more careful. "We gotta be careful," Colon said. "Gators, snakes... there's a lot of wildlife out here." Matt Suedmeyer, Manager of Orange County Parks & Recreation Division, released this statement saying in part: "Florida Fish & Wildlife came to the park and captured the alligator. In an abundance of caution, the waterfront will be off-limits to the public for the next week while Florida Fish & Wildlife conduct a review and until Orange County Parks & Recreation Division can meet with the agency to review the situation before making any decisions on opening the waterfront."