Generous customers help share the spirit of Christmas for one restaurant server in Bucks County

A server at a Friendly’s in Bucks County had no idea what was in store during a recent shift. And, due to generous customers, her holiday was made complete.

Always a new and different day for Teresa Werner, a server at Friendly’s in Morrisville 14 years. This week, something completely unexpected and extraordinary brought holiday joy to the job.

A server at Friendly's in Bucks County receives $500.00 tip.

“The lady said she wanted to give me a $100 tip and I was shocked!” Teresa exclaimed.

Even more shocked when the family five, total strangers, continued giving Teresa four more $100 bills.

“That was the biggest tip I ever got. It was so overwhelming to me,” Teresa added.

Verlonda Jackson and family stopped in to see Teresa Saturday. Verlonda says she got the idea after seeing videos on social media.

“It moved me to tears. I love seeing good things happen unexpectedly to good people,” Verlonda explained.

Jackson brought her husband and children to a restaurant close to her home, planning the generous tip.

“We prayed before we came in. I said, ‘You know, God, there’s a lot of people that need to see you show up in their lives. Point us in the direction of somebody,’” Verlonda said.

“We wanted to get the kids involved because we wanted them to know at a young age it is better to give than to receive,” Tarig Jackson stated.

“It was the end of my day. Yes, they were my last table. They just made my whole Christmas,” Teresa said.