Germantown remembers PnB Rock with memorial gathering

Friends, family and fans all gathered in Germantown to honor PnB Rock, in a celebration of his life, by the people who knew him from the start. 

"I love you Rock," yelled the crowd. Balloons released in Germantown in memory of Philly's own PnB Rock. Hundreds gathered to celebrate his life after it was tragically taken, police say, during a robbery in Los Angeles earlier this week.

"Rock was my little guy," said Raymond Hunter. He’s in the PnB squad and grew up with Rock in his neighbor.


"Everybody on PnB is family. We all grew up here. We knew each other," he said. Hunter says he was there through Pnb Rock's rise to fame. "I told him I said, ‘You don't have a limit. Your talent, for you to make a song in a second, you think of something and can just off the top, a free style can turn into something else. You can be whatever you want in this life.’"

Family, friends and fans took pictures and signed murals in his honor. Michael "OG Law" Tabon is also an artist.

"When I was shooting the video with Pnb Rock, this is the prison suit he actually wore and these chains that he had on. If you listen to his music, he always expressed his disdain for prison, how he didn't want to get locked back up," he said. Others recall Rock's humble beginnings.

"Like he was on stages. We talked about it, we had a dream, and we made that jawn happen," said Sewell Wells. It’s the brotherhood Rock gave them that they say they'll cherish.

"For always being a true friend, ups and downs, we always found a way to come back and be friends. That's life. I just wish I had a chance to tell him I love him again," said one of his friends.