Girl's anti-bullying plea gets support from Hugh Jackman

A 10-year-old girl in Duryea, Pennsylvania, has captured the internet's attention in an online plea to stop bullying.

Jenn Slater shared the video of her daughter, Cassidy, on her Facebook page. The fourth-grader appears in the video holding signs up describing herself, saying she has been bullied since first grade.

"One day during recess, a group of kids grabbed my purse off a teacher, and spit on it and me," one sign reads.

Cassidy goes on to say she feels alone and like she has no one.

Jenn shared the video on her Facebook page after she says the school district asked the social media platform to take it off the 10-year-old's page, since she is underage.

"I will be my daughter's voice. I will share her story and I hope others will share too [sic]," Jenn posted.

The girl's video appeal to stop bullying is getting support from around the world, including from "The Wolverine" actor Hugh Jackman. Jackman on Wednesday posted a supportive message to Cassidy, saying he wants her to know she's "loved, special and smart."

As of writing, the video has over 150,000 views on Facebook.