Glitch leads to double bookings, accidental cancellations at South Jersey mega-site

Those living on a prayer and a lot of coats and blankets braved extremely harsh conditions Friday at the Gloucester County COVID-19 vaccination mega-site at Rowan College of South Jersey all in hopes of getting a walkup vaccine shot.

Father and son duo Alex and Stu Bergan got there at 5:30 a.m. for their best "shot" at a shot.

"First appointment we could find online was in May. It was stay outside for a few hours and (deal) with risk of getting cold and get the vaccine or wait until May and hope you don’t get sick before then."

This mega-site has seen an incredible amount of traffic with people traveling hours for a shot with long lines for those with an appointment.

"Today it’s been pretty smooth, considering that little glitch that happened yesterday in the state registration system, we’ve done about a little over 1,000 people in four hours," Chad Bruner, county administrator, said.

That glitch led to dozens of double bookings and accidental cancellations on Thursday. Something Bruner says taxed their system.

"Last night was a little difficult. We did 400 more than we thought we would have to but the staff came together and we were able to call in some more resources, put up a couple more tables, and got everybody done and out by 7:30-8:00," he added.


Gloucester County vaccination mega-site reopens to long lines after closing due to lack of supply


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