"God Bless America" Causes Controversy at Local School

Camden County, NJ (WTXF) The phrase "God Bless America" is at the center of controversy at a local school.

The American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter to a Haddon Heights Elementary School saying that reciting that phrase daily shouldn't be allowed.

It's a phrase heard daily and celebrated in most cases, but now, in Haddon Heights, New Jersey, "God Bless America" has been banned in certain circumstances at a local elementary school.

For Years, Glenview Elementary School students have been saying "God Bless America" every day after reciting the pledge of allegiance, They say that the practice began as a show of respect to those who lost their lives during the Sept 11 attacks. They received a letter last month from the ACLU telling them that the policy is unconstitutional and must be stopped. Although the school won't fight the ACLU, residents FOX 29's Bill Anderson spoke to think the backlash is sad.

Glenview Principal Sam Sassano told FOX 29 that he's disappointed that what they thought was a patriotic gesture is causing a stir but in a statement he explained:

"At no point in time has this been a requirement of students and if students choose to continue to recite God Bless America they have the freedom to do so."