Good Samaritans help mother and children after apartment collapse

Part of Rockland Street near the Boulevard in Feltonville remained blocked off well into the night. Crews trying to clear and secure the scene were part of an apartment building collapsed. A woman and her children forced to jump to safety.

"I was laying on the couch and I heard something crash," said Kevin Bagley who says he had just gotten off work and was visiting his girlfriend who lives in the same building as the unit that had the collapse. He says he heard screaming.

"I ran to the back and I seen her neighbor out the window panicking. She was standing on the ledge and the babies was there," he said. At the same time Trina Brown who lives down the street was walking by and says she saw the woman and children standing on the ledge of a second floor window.

"She was like can you help me? Help me please. Help me my kids," said Brown. The Good Samaritans jumped right in to help.

Kevin Bagley climbed a tree to get to them.

"That's when my neighbor Kevin he went in the back, stood in the trees and she passed the kids out the window. He passed them to me," said Brown. It's unclear what caused this to happen. Neighbors say the woman who jumped from the window told them it was the floor that collapsed. Incredibly, the kids weren't hurt.

"No the kids cool. We saved them. We got the kids out of there," said Bagley.

Preliminary reports indicate the mother who is believed to be 25 years old was taken to Einstein.

No word on her injuries or condition.