Gov. Phil Murphy pauses additional reopening plans due to rising coronavirus cases

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is holding off on additional reopening plans for now due to rising coronavirus cases.

At Camden County's vaccination site in Blackwood, residents gladly rolled up their sleeves for a shot of Moderna Monday.

Bonnie Johnson is a realtor moving homes in a seller's market now with two doses of vaccine onboard.

"Showing houses with masks, gloves, not touching things, open houses everything was different for us," Bonnie Johnson said.

The Blackwood site can jab 2,400 people in a day but a slow-down in shipments of Moderna limited shots to under 1,000 Monday. And there’s another challenge, 2 to 3% will not show.

"Those individuals that are not paying us the courtesy to cancel are taking somebody’s dose and taking somebody’s vaccine," Camden County spokesperson Dan Keashen said.

While touting the3.5 million Garden State residents having a least one shot, Governor Phil Murphy offered sobering news another 28 dead driving New Jersey's death toll to nearly 22,000 while cases are again rising.

"We are back to leading the nation in the spread of this virus. There is no magic wand in the spread. No magic wand we can wave to stop the spread only you all, by the millions, can stop the spread of the virus," Murphy said Monday.

Murphy reminded the vaccinated they can still infect others and issued the warning amid the evening curfew imposed in Miami Beach after largely maskless partygoers swarmed.

At 73, Walt Higgins was happy for his first shot.

"Be careful as we continue forward following guidelines have to be smart. I survived last year without getting COVID," Higgins said.

Bonnie Johnson says she’ll keep wearing his masks as well, but may do it on a plane.

"I’ll be glad to get on an airplane and go someplace warm after two weeks," Johnson said.


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