Granddaughter, boyfriend appear in court for murder

New details are emerging about the deaths of Gwinnett County grandparents.

Johnny Rider, 19, and Cassandra Bjorge, 17, appeared in court on Wednesday on charges of murder and aggravated assault for the deaths of Wendy and Randall Bjorge, both 63. The victims are Cassandra's grandparents.

The lead prosecutors in court said Cassandra Bjorge admitted to killing her grandparents. Police detectives said the older couple had been dead for several days in their Furlong Run home before police discovered their bodies early Sunday morning following a short SWAT standoff with Rider and Bjorge. Officers said the two were beaten with a tire iron, kicked, stomped on, and had their throats slashed.

Investigators said Bjorge's boyfriend, Johnny Rider, sealed the doors and windows to prevent the smell from getting out of the house.

Detective David Smith said the two had self-inflicted cuts when they were taken into custody.

Along with the duo's suspected involvement in the killings, police said Ryder beat two of his relatives with a baseball bat late Saturday at his mother's house on Rambling Woods Drive. Investigators said the assault sparked the search for the teens because a vehicle belonging to the Bjorge couple was found at the location. Authorities told FOX 5 the pair's family from out-of-state called 911 after not hearing from them. They made another welfare check at the couple's home earlier in the week, but were unable to make contact.

Police said Rider was arrested last October on 4 counts of entering autos and financial transaction card theft, plus other charges. They also sat Cassandra Bjorge has a history of running away. The motive and cause of death remain under investigation.

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