Guardian angel restores toddler's mom's faith in humanity

Not every moment of parenting is pure bliss and sometimes disagreements -- like over potty time with a toddler -- happen in the worst places.

Luckily for one mom, when the world seemed like such an ugly place, a small snippet of human kindness was able to restore her faith in humanity.

Over the weekend, Tiffany Miller was far from home, trying to convince her three-year-old daughter to use the restroom at McDonald's before their big drive ahead.

Fortunately, a stranger heard the little girl say she was scared the automatic toilet would flush while she was sitting on it.

That stranger made a promise, bribing the girl. Then, she quietly kept her end of the bargain and disappeared.

Miller wrote this thank you note to that far away stranger on her Facebook page, and it includes all the details.

To the Woman in the Salina, KS McDonald's bathroom: You heard me as I reasoned with a 3 year old to use the bathroom....

Courtesy Facebook/tiffanymiller12 via Storyful

So a bracelet and Snickers bar did the trick! Don't forget to keep them with you.

We don't know whether that hero got Miller's thanks from Saturday, but the post has already been shared more than 4,800 times.