Habitat for Humanity Builds New Homes for Veterans and their Families

Habitat for Humanity volunteers decided to repay returning veterans in a big way. FOX 29 Photojournalist Bill Rohrer has the story.

Habitat for Humanity is partnering up with returning veterans and their families to help build two new homes to house them. The arrangement is that each partnering family must put their time into the process.

"Every nail that goes in this is paying tribute to them in a way," Volunteer Monica Dillon said. "You know spending 8 hours on a site like this is nothing compared to what they did, but it is giving back the best way we can right now."

The physical labor is nothing short of intensive, but the volunteers from the AnnieMac Home Mortgage in Mt. Laurenl know that the outcome will be well worth the strain.

"They need a helping hand we are here to help them," Michael Coslop, Site supervisor and veteran of the U.S. Navy, said. "Knowing that a fellow veteran is going to be here and be part of this--I can't wait for dedication day, just to see their faces."

Another volunteer and two-tour Vietnam veteran, Bob Stephens, said, "It gives a real sense of pride. This is my house, this is what I did and it is a great feeling, it really is."

Seeing the faces of the returning veterans reminds Bob Stephens of what it was like for him when he came home from Vietnam.

"There was no celebration. I think it is good they have something to look forward to" Stephens said.

Being able to come home to an entirely new house will hopefully give the returning veterans something positive to look forward to. For the volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to building these new homes, the project seems to be a success already.