Half a dozen shots fired in act of road rage in Northeast Philadelphia

Half a dozen shots fired at a vehicle in an act of road rage in Northeast Philadelphia.

The victim's father explained the incident saying it started with a minor argument about access to a turning lane on Cottman Avenue. Seconds later it escalated into a full blown road rage incident with half a dozen shots fired into his son's car.

"He better give up himself, say like I'm sorry I do this," said the victim's father.

A friend of the victim spoke out about the incident, "He shot the guy to make a right hand turn. After he shot him he just went straight. So he did all that for no reason."

Surveillance cameras were rolling as the two drivers rode alongside each other. That's when words were exchanged, a gun came out and shots were fired into the victim's car. Two bullets hit him in the stomach. A friend says the victim was on his way to a nearby mosque.

"He was going to the mission to pray and he got almost killed on the way," he said.

Police say the victim told them the shooter had a woman and two children in his car when he opened fire. According to the victim, this all started when the shooter tried to go ahead of him in a turning lane near this red light traffic camera.

Police are now looking for an older model Toyota Corolla seen in surveillance pictures. Police want the driver off the street before anyone else gets hurt.

"We pray that he gets better and he's able to walk fully," said the victim's friend.