Hatboro police sergeant loses everything after tragic house fire; community bands together to support

The community is coming together to help support a Hatboro police sergeant who lost everything during a house fire over the weekend. 

"He called me in the midst of the chaos to let me know what was going on," said Mark Ruegg, the Chief of Police of the Hatboro Police Department. 

A phone call Chief Ruegg was not expecting on Saturday afternoon from Sergeant Alex Bruckner, whose home was completely engulfed in flames. 

"He let us know also that thankfully that him, his family, his mother-in-law and pet were all safe, so that was a big relief for all of us here at the department," said Chief Ruegg. 

Fire officials say just after 2 p.m. on Saturday they responded to Avalon Circle in Washington Township for a house fire. 

After assistance from multiple crews, the fire was put out, but the home is now a total loss. 

"Had it happened at a different time, there could have been a different result, even more tragic than what they are already going through," said Chief Ruegg. 

A GoFundMe Page has been created on the family's behalf.

The non-profit organization Montgomery County Hero Fund is collecting donations as well. 

All efforts to help Sergeant Bruckner who’s been serving his whole life, from military tours in Iraq to protecting and serving the Hatboro community as a police officer since 2010. 

"Obviously they are devastated that they lost their home and that they have to rebuild their life, but even in that horrible tragic time, he mentioned that’s it’s not lost on him how fortunate they have a supportive community, family, friends, law enforcement and the public in Berks and Montgomery County," said Chief Ruegg.