High School Homecoming King Gives Crown to Friend with Cerebral Palsy

(INSIDE EDITION) Max Akin may be a standout high school football player, but it's what he did for his friend that's making him a star.

Akin, a quarterback at Fossil Ridge High School in Texas, won homecoming king, but instead of taking the glory for himself - even in his senior year - he crowned his longtime friend, K.L. Norwood, who has cerebral palsy.

During halftime of his final homecoming game, Akin's win was announced. Instead of accepting the crown, he gave it to K.L., who was also nominated.

"I gave him a big hug and I said I love you buddy, got on my knees and bestowed the crown upon him - like in a knight movie," Akin told InsideEdition.com.

Akin said K.L. started to cry a bit and said, "Do I get to keep the crown?"

The gesture was met with huge cheers and students and faculty screaming K.L.'s name.

But, Akin knew long before what he was planning to do if he won.

"There were 5 nominees. There was a bunch of great guys nominated but K.L. definitely deserved the crown. I said if I win, I was definitely going to bestow my crown upon him," said Akin.

The two have been friends since middle school and so Akin was excited when K.L. became the football team's manager a month ago.

"Everyone on the football team loves him. He's quite a character and he knows how to make people laugh," said Akin.

Football coach Tony Baccaroni says he's not surprised by Akin's actions.

"Max did that all on his own. That is who he is. He loves everyone he comes in contact with. He has a beautiful spirit. KL and Max are friends with everyone in our school of 2,300 students," said Baccaroni.

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