Hometown Hero: Lorenzo Hampton, III

Lorenzo Hampton, III has been a barber for 13 years and loves it. He cares a lot about helping guys look their best.

The father of 3 boys is constantly talking to his sons about the value of education. Two years ago, he took those lectures to his barber chair.

Lorenzo gives free haircuts to young men who get straight A's on their report cards. In two years, he's given away more than 100 haircuts. He estimates the value of the haircut he gives away at $20, but he says that's priceless.

He's happy to motivate young men to get great grades so they can build a great future. As a barber, Lorenzo is constantly learning about new techniques and styles and wants the next generation to be open to education.

When a young man brings Lorenzo his report card, the barber beams with pride. He talks to them about moving forward in life with education and asks what kind of haircut they want.

Lorenzo's free haircuts rewards guys with great grades and motivates other guys to pull their grades up. His youngest straight A student was 7. His oldest is 19.

To get a free haircut, an appointment needs to be made by calling (817) 231-9164. The Art of Barbering is located at 2985 S. State Hwy. 360, Grand Prairie, 75052.

Lorenzo gives free haircuts on Mondays after school by appointment only. Remember, the young man must bring his report card.