How will gyms look when they reopen?

The owner of a Warminster gym is making very clean changes to his studio as gyms are expected to reopen.

“Extra cleaning, of course, extra cleaning. We’re running a little bit smaller class size to keep space. Everything is numbered so there’s no cross contamination. We’re leaving more time in-between classes, when you enter we hit you with that thermometer just to make sure you’re not running a fever,” said Anthony Bria Jr., Owner of Bria Method.

Bria says that COVID-19 has changed everything for his gym, but he plans to keep his equipment very clean. 

“We got 20,000 wipes, as you can see over here we got DB7, Lysol wipes, [and we've] got a floor cleaner. We have a two gallon sprayer that you can literally spray the whole room and wipe it,” he said. 

About 40 percent of Bria Method members were lost, but Bria says that he expects him back when things open back up. He also mentioned that physical activity is very important in helping people to bounce back from extended isolation. 

“We need people, we need to see each other, we need to be around each other; it motivates us. It’s time right now, I know a lot of people who work out just because they have anxiety or it feels good it’s positive it makes their day flow,” Bria said.

Some of the modifications that he's made will stay for a long time. 

“The extra time between the classes now to clean and also helps us mingle, and then virtual, we’re going to keep virtual going because people really love those workouts at home. People can’t always be here, they have kids, there’s no camps right now, babysitters, that stuff is hard to get so everyone can’t get here on their own convenience so now they have virtual workouts or virtual platforms that we offer.”

If you’re interested in signing up for the gym when it opens you can do so here


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