Inmates train shelter dogs for veterans

In spite of the fact that they proudly served, our veterans are often in need of support and kindness. And rescue dogs abandoned and looking for a forever companions too often struggle to find them. But even in those challenging situations our Bill Anderson found light and hope in an extremely unlikely place from a surprising group of people.

When you think about Camden County Correctional Facility positive contribution to society probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind

"We're not lost causes. We can give back we just need a chance. It just so happens that they gave us a chance, we got a chance," Duncan Davis told FOX 29.

That chance is a new program called Pets for Vets and Camden County is the first New Jersey facility to try it.

"What it's doing is providing our jail inmates an opportunity to train rescue dogs from a local shelter to allow them to be companion dogs for veterans suffering from combat related circumstances," Bill Moen explained.

FOX 29's Bill Anderson spent the day inside the facility getting a look that many never voluntarily see. He immediately understood the benefit to vets and the rescue dogs.

The puppies become the responsibility of selected non-violent inmates. They develop relationships as they train. The dogs learn from the inmates and the inmates may just be learning from the dogs.

Several said the program is a win-win-win for veterans, rescue dogs and inmates. However, there may be a 4 th win, which is a message to society

"That we're not all bad people and we can give back to society in a good day as well," Scott Ryan said.

There are even positive stories coming out of jail, if you're willing to look.