'It's chaos out here': Witnesses describe shootout in Frankford that injured SEPTA Transit Officer

New cell phone video shows officers scramble to find cover as a barricaded gunman opens fire from the window of a Frankford apartment building Wednesday night.

Philadelphia police say officers who were in the area of the Arrott Transportation Center when they heard gunshots around 7 p.m. 

The officers responded to Griscom and Arrott streets where they found two women, ages 57 and 42, with gunshot wounds to the hip area. Sources tell FOX 29 a third gunshot victim later arrived at the hospital. 

Police then spotted the armed suspect, later identified as 18-year-old Zyhiem Hartman, and chased him to a property on the 4700 block of Leiper Street. Once inside the residence, police say he barricaded himself in and began firing at police from different floors of the building. 

Mario Terrigno said he heard Hartman bust through the front door of his apartment building just before the shooting happened. Terrigno lives in the apartment below where the gunman perched to fire at police, he hid in his bathtub when the shot rang out. 

"There was bullets flying everywhere, they were shooting," Terrigno told FOX 29's Chris O'Connell. "I figured that’s the best thing to do. I got windows everywhere there bullet holes through the windows"

Mell Perrin, a nearby neighbor, said he was outside with his two daughters to go get ice cream when the shootout began. He also used the bathtub for shelter for his kids.

"Next thing I know it’s gunshots like boom, boom," Mell Perrin told FOX 29's Kelly Rule. "I look out and there’s cops taking position hiding around places and stuff like that, so I just, we had the kids get in the bathroom in the tub."

Ervis Onuzi, 28, has been identified as the SEPTA Transit Police officer who was wounded during a gun battle with a suspect on Wednesday.  (SEPTA)

During the gunfight, SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestel told reporters that a Philadelphia police officer became pinned down by gunfire coming from the residence. Nestel said a SEPTA officer, later identified as 28-year-old Ervis Onuzi, drew his assault weapon and charged Hartman to provide covering fire to free the trapped officer. 

"I actually saw the cop wounded and rushed in, like rushed into the cop car, and they took him out of here I hope he’s alright," Jonathan Briggs said.

That’s when authorities say Officer Onuzi was shot once in the abdomen. Onuzi, a three-year-veteran of the force, was rushed to Temple University Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. The officer and both women who were injured are expected to be okay. 

A neighbor said the firefight between officer and the suspect lasted about 15-20 minutes.

A massive law enforcement presence converged on the house, including Philadelphia police and SWAT officers. Philadelphia police say they used technology to determine that Hartman was down near a second floor window. SWAT team members entered the property and found Hartman dead of a gunshot wound to the head. Further investigation determined Hartman was shot by law-enforcement officers during the gunfire between officers and Hartman.

"It’s just crazy you never know what can happen out here nowadays," Briggs said. "One minute everything’s good the next minute it’s chaos out here."



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