Nurse recalls terrifying moments accused gunman opened fire inside Jefferson Hospital

Chaos, confusion and fear that's how a Jefferson University Hospital nurse, who does not want to be identified, describes the moment workers learned there was a gunman on the loose just after midnight Monday morning.

"It was hard to figure out what was happening," the nurse said. "We didn't hear any other noises except people yelling there's an active shooter somewhere in the hospital." 

The employee who was working at the time says they are trained for these kinds of situations but it doesn't make it any less frightening.

"I was scared because we didn't know who it was, was it a visitor, was it a patient, was it an employee?" the nurse added. "The person could have been anywhere in the hospital, we had no idea."


Workers would eventually learn certified nursing assistant 43-year old Anrae James was shot and killed and a coworker identified as 55-year old Stacey Hayes was the alleged shooter.

"He was always a very pleasant person. He was a hard worker. What happened Sunday/Monday night is a big shocker and surprise," the nurse explained.

The deadly workplace shooting has also left the nurse traumatized and fearing for their safety.

"I don't know who is gonna walk into a room and put a gun to me," the nurse said. "I don't know what tomorrow will bring. I think my whole family is afraid. Afraid for me to go to work and that I will not return home."



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