Jennifer Brown: Former business partner of Limerick mom charged in connection with her murder

Officials provided new details about the disappearance and death of a Montgomery County mother who was reported missing and later found dead. 

Jennifer Brown, 43, of Limerick Township, was reported missing days after the new year started. 

Friends and family say they saw the woman outside of her home on Stratford Court on the morning of Jan. 3, but she did not pick up her son later in the day, causing concern. 

By the morning of Jan. 4, she was still missing, according to people close to Brown.  


According to investigators, she was last seen by a "friend and business associate" on January 3. 

Weeks later, Brown's body was found partially buried a short distance away from where she was reported missing. 

A large group of investigators wearing white jumpsuits were spotted in a grassy area behind a warehouse in Royersford, where she was discovered. 

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele announced an arrest in connection to Brown's death on Thursday afternoon. 

Steele says police have arrested Blair Watts, Brown's former business partner in a restaurant venture. 

Authorities say they believe Brown was already dead at the time she was reported missing. 

Investigators say they believe Watts killed Brown on January 3, attempted to hide her body and then reported her missing. 

Police searched Brown's home after she was reported missing, and found no signs of a struggle. Authorities also say her keys, work cellphone and other personal items were located in her home. 

When Watts initially spoke to police, he told officers he had Brown's son, who has special needs, for a planned sleepover with his three children, but there were no clothes or medication sent along with him, according to Steele. 

One of Brown's son's teachers told authorities it was "highly unlikely" Brown would send her son somewhere without the medication he takes twice daily, Steele announced. 

"The teacher said Jennifer would never forget the boy's medicine and we believe when Watts picked up the boy from the bus stop at 4 p.m. on the 3rd that Jennifer was already dead," he said. 

Investigators say on January 5, they learned Watts had house keys and car keys belonging to Brown. 

After searching Brown's residence, detectives discovered pieces of a plastic hair clip in the carpet and took them in as evidence. When Brown's body was found, more plastic pieces were found in the shallow grave where Brown was buried, leading investigators to believe she was killed in her residence. 

On January 6, Philadelphia police and a K-9 cadaver dog trained to sniff out dead bodies searched Brown's residence and the dog signaled to the kitchen and a trash area outside the property, officials say. 

According to investigators, Watts had two known cell phones, but his girlfriend told them about a third phone. 

Authorities say he was also in possession of Brown's personal cellphone until it became inactive on the morning of January 4 in Royersford. 

Surveillance video from the area identified one of Watt's vehicles, a red Jeep Cherokee, in the area on the same morning. 

On January 7, the Jeep was searched by the K9 cadaver dog, which indicated a previous presence of human remains, Steele said. 

Weeks later, the K9 cadaver dog indicated a previous presence of human remains in a gray Jeep Renegade owned by Watt's girlfriend, which he had access to, per authorities. 

Investigators say they also looked into the business venture involving Brown and Watts, which was set to be a local restaurant. 

Authorities say learned Watts did not have a signed lease, did not give money or begin renovations for the restaurant that was set to open at the end of January. 

Further investigation revealed a dispute between Watts and the building owners over finances. 

According to Steele, after Brown was killed, Watts allegedly used her tablet to transfer money from her accounts, including a $9,000 Cashapp transfer that went through on the fourth attempt and after two-factor authentication was turned off. 

A second transaction, worth $8,000, was transferred and sent to the building owners for the restaurant, per Steele. 

After getting the money for the lease, Watts went to the brothers to resolve a previous dispute over payment. 

Watts faces several charges, including first-degree murder, third-degree murder, device fraud and related charges. 

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.