Kids are getting sicker for longer with new viruses, doctors say

Pediatricians say they are seeing more kids getting sick, but not with the usual illnesses - and they are taking longer to bounce back.

Some parents think it's just kids being kids, especially being back in school without masks now. 

"Just other kids being sick, and then they get spreading germs, it's really all the same," one mom said.

Doctors are attributing the spike to allergy season, late flu and possibly COVID-19.


One mom says her children, a 4-year-old and five-month-old, have been sick for much longer than past times.

"There is definitely the possibility that because we have been so isolated and masked over the last two years that it may lead to the observation that viruses are taking longer to overcome by the immune system," said Dr. Mike Cirigliano.

However, lingering sickness isn't the only problem. Doctors say kids are being exposed to different illnesses now, like influenza A and respiratory viruses.

"When someone has an upper respiratory infection like cough, sore throat, fever, achy, it could be so many different things," Dr. Mike said.

Dr. Mike recommends rest, plenty of fluids, chicken noodle soup and medical treatment if symptoms persist.

"You don't want to wait too long where they can then end up getting sicker and ending up in a hospital setting, so timing is critical," he said.