Kroger cashier buys rose for 90-year-old shopper

An Ohio woman is praising a grocery store cashier for his act of kindness last week.

Jeannettea Hollingshead was shopping at the Athens, Ohio Kroger last Wednesday, buying her grandma a cake for her 90th birthday, when she met a friendly cashier.

"He asked about the cake, and when I told him about Gramma, he exclaimed, 'Wait right here just a minute please!' and walked away," Hollingshead said.

Hollingshead said the young man came back a minute later with a rose he'd purchased at the flower stand and asked if she could give it to her grandmother for him.

"Instead, I asked him to give it to her because she was there with me, and I snapped this picture!" she said. "This young man, Wes, went above and beyond, and his act of kindness really made Gramma's day."

Hollingshead snapped a photo of the two of them and shared the image with Kroger on Facebook, hoping Wes received recognition for his act of kindness.

"This is so sweet, we had to take a moment to grab some tissues!" Kroger said. "We love this so much."

The photo Hollingshead shared with Kroger has gone viral with more than 30,000 likes.

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