Lawmakers, advocates rally for SEPTA funding to help save train line

Pennsylvania lawmakers and advocates will gather Monday morning at 30th Street Station to rally support for a SEPTA line at risk of being discontinued.

The ‘Step Up for SEPTA’ rally will call for more state funding for SEPTA that supporters hope will help save the Chestnut Hill West Line. 

"We can't afford to lose our train, it is absolutely the life force of our community," one rider told FOX 29's Greg Payne. 

Senators Art Haywood and Vincent Hughes plan to attend Monday's rally along with state representatives Darisha Parker, Steven Kinsey, and Joe Hohenstein. 


Pennsylvania governor seeks billions for schools and development in budget that envisions legal weed

Gov. Josh Shapiro’s second budget proposes significant increases to education and economic development and would regulate adult use marijuana, while leaning heavily on Pennsylvania’s flush reserves to underwrite his vision.

Advocates then plan to head to the state's capital in Harrisburg via Amtrak on Monday morning to rally more support for SEPTA funding. 

Gov. Josh Shapiro's budget proposal calls for $282.8M in funding for public transportation, offering many commuters hope that no train lines will be cut. 

The funding also plans to tackle cleanliness and safety aboard SEPTA, but Shapiro's proposal will need to win over state lawmakers.