Little Girl Scalped in Horrific Carnival Ride Accident Shops for New Wig: 'It Looks Like My Old Hair

(INSIDE EDITION) Three months after losing her hair and most of her scalp, 11-year-old Lulu Gilreath is ready for a new look.

The Nebraska girl has been the picture of bravery since an amusement park ride turned into a horror show that ripped her hair from her head.

She refuses to feel sorry for herself, although the skin grafts on her face and head have drastically changed her appearance.

But the scars on the inside take their toll on the child, especially at night.

"When I actually end up falling asleep, I relive my trauma and every night I have to fight for my life," she told Inside Edition.

She also starts a new school this year, which has created more anxiety for young Lulu.

"I'm nervous that nobody will like how I look," the sixth grader said.

So Inside Edition decided to help and took Lulu shopping for a wig at Bravadas Wig Designs.

Aided by shop owner Tracey Hobbs, the girl tried on some funky-looking tresses including a platinum wig and some multi-colored ones as well.

But she ended up gravitating toward a wig that matched her original ginger tint.

"How are you feeling now" she was asked after being fitted with her new hair.

"I feel how I was, and I like it!" she replied.