Local 11-year-old boy gets called for jury duty

A local 11-year-old actually got a jury summons and was thrilled.

What came in Luke Fox's mailbox wasn't a birthday card, but he thought it was just as good.

"I was like I can't believe this and I was really excited," he told FOX 29.

The envelope the 11-year-old West Chester boy got was a summons from the Chester County court to appear for jury duty.

"Luke came running into me, 'Mom, mom I got jury duty' and I was like what I was completely flabbergasted," his mom, Jeanette Fox, said.

Problem is--in the state of Pennsylvania you have to be 18 to serve on a jury. Knowing there must have been a mistake the family went online to answer the summons. However, on the jury questionnaire there was no space to say "I'm only in 5th grade."

"It basically said you still have to show up March 28th," Jeanette said.

After a couple phone calls mom says the clerk of courts acknowledged the mistake and said Luke was off the hook.

Actually, it seems like age is the only hurdle. Luke is a Boy Scout and he organized a community food drive and serves as a conflict manager at his elementary school. Come to think of it, he'd make a great juror.