Local 98-year-old has been working polls on Election Day for 45 years

At 98 years old most people retire, but not one woman. She has been working the Election Day polls for the last 45 years.

FOX 29's Joyce Evans has the story.

Certified to work the voting polls on Election Day, this is her 45th year volunteering and it never gets old for Miss Louise Divirgilio .

Daughter Maryann Bullen can barely keep up with the 98-year-old who insists on living alone in her home of nearly 70 years in Brookhaven, Delaware County.

Miss Louise is a fixture at the polls at Our Lady of Charity Roman Catholic Church and she has no intention of stopping. She just recently retired from her job at Kmart.

First generation American born--the same year that women got that right to vote and Woodrow Wilson was president. Miss Louise's first presidential election Herbert Hoover won. She married a World War II Marine and she wants to do her part to see that everybody gets their vote in.

"She respects everybody for who they are," Maryann explained.

She has only missed one Election Day working the polls because her grandson was getting married.