Local artists need help creating permanent Philadelphia Eagles mural

Imagine a huge Eagles mural somewhere near Market Street before the start of the next Eagles season. That's what some local artists want to do and when it comes to murals.They're some of the best in the business.

From the massive American flag off Delaware Avenue to the "Common Threads" mural along Broad Street these works of art are all over the city.

So, what should be the next big thing?

"Eagles? Eagles, yeah! Do a big green mural," Chuck Brokenborouch said.

Well, it turns out that a slimmed down version already exists on Bainbridge Street in South Philly. It was actually painted days before the Eagles beat the Patriots. Tom Brady--no match for the birds.

"Knowing that we took down the number one quarterback, I think it just says a lot about the city," Matt Cibischino said.

The artists from Meg Saligman Studio have created more than 40 of these mega-murals all over the world. Huge Eagles fans themselves, they now want to paint a permanent, much larger, more prominent tribute to the team.

But it takes money. They're trying to raise 60,000 dollars through an online crowdfund site over the next week.

"The more we raise, the bigger the bird. It'll be bigger than this. It'll be permanent. It'll be a destination for years," Meg Saligman Studio Co-Principal Artist Lizzie Kripke said.

Then, where to put it?

"We have several building owners interested in prominent locations in the city. We have one that we love that is actually very close to Jefferson Station."

They've already decided the new one will not include Tom Brady. He doesn't belong on a mural in Philly. So what then should it include? One fan says put the whole team on the mural

A $25 donation will get the name of your loved one permanently written on the wall. $30 gets you a T-shirt with the mural design on it. You can get more information by going to their website at Eaglesmural.com.